Whale Spa Pedicure Chairs & Salon Furniture

Whale Spa is a company dedicated to giving our customers the very best in pedicure chairs and other spa equipment.  It is easy to see why Whale Spa is a leading provider ofspa chairs and pedicure stations for some of the finest salons in the world.  Our dedication to quality construction, beautiful finishes and convenient configurations on our spa pedicure furniture shows in the satisfied customers we serve.

Important Safety Notice – Unauthorized Dealers

USPedicureSpa.com is not authorized to sell Whale Spa Pedicure chairs or furniture. Whale Spa has requested www.uspedicurespa.com remove all Whale Spa products from their website, uspedicurespa.com has failed to comply. Please be advised that uspedicurespa.com may request a deposit from you as a customer, yet deliver a different pedicure chair or not deliver any product at all. Whale Spa is committed to protecting our customers and to the integrity of our brand. For an authorized dealer near you please call us at 1-888-650-7888

Modern Nail Salon Furniture 

Operating a nail-salon or a spa is difficult if you do not have the right equipment.  Today’s customers want comfortable chairs, great spa pedicure experiences and a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.  If they cannot get it from your salon, they will go elsewhere.Because Whale Spa understands the reality of running a spa or salon, we know exactly how important it is to have the right furniture for your needs.  We offer a full line of qualityspa and salon equipment to fit every style and budget.


Whale Spa: The Ultimate Source For Spa Chair and Nail Furniture

For many years, Whale Spa has been a leading provider of spa and salon furniture and accessories.  We offer only the best:  our spa pedicure chairs, manicure tables and other furniture and accessories are built to last of genuine wood, glass and other quality materials.  Unlike some spa furniture manufacturers, we never use cheap plastics and bargain materials because we build our furniture to stand the test of time.

Whale Spa offers a full line of furniture and accessories, including:

  • Pedicure chairs.  All of our chairs are made of the very best materials and feature pipeless jets, a variety of bowl materials including textured glass, and great features such as wooden arm rests, iPad holders and soft, supple leather upholstery.  Your clients will have a truly relaxing experience with these beautiful spa pedicure chairs and you and your technicians will fall in love with the quality and convenience.
  • Salon furniture.  Unlike some spa chair manufacturers, Whale Spa is dedicated to the production of a complete line of spa furniture to meet every client need.  Our pedicure spa chairs are only one part of our great furniture collection; you will also find manicure tables, drying stations, hostess desks and even nail polish display cabinets as well as a variety of customer and technician chairs and stools.
  • Chair parts.  Whale Spa is dedicated to providing our customers with everything needed to maintain our quality chairs and furniture, including parts for our spa pedicure stations and other accessories.  While we believe that you will very rarely have a need for repairs, if you do we want to be able to supply you with replacement parts for repair or maintenance whenever you need them.

The Whale Spa Difference

Not only does Whale Spa offer a full line of quality spa and salon furniture but we offer the support to stand behind our products.  Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions at any time and to help you solve any problems you encounter with our products or to choose your next spa furniture collection.  We promise you fast, friendly and efficient service and want you to know that your satisfaction is our primary goal.When you contact Whale Spa to speak to one of our courteous staff members, you will receive the support and guidance you need to make a great choice of furniture for your salon or spa.  Our representatives can help you find the right furniture and accessories to fit your budget and your salon or spa’s decorative style.Contact Whale Spa today to find out how easy it can be to get quality spa or salon furniture, including the very best in complete sets of furniture to unify your business’s theme.  We look forward to serving your needs!